The Best Ibiza Playlists, 2022 Season (Part 1)

Listen to the best Ibiza Playlists for 2022

Nothing beats the summer vibe with the feisty beach parties that only Ibiza can offer. Experience the classic sound of Ibiza past, present, and future with the island anthems with the best Ibiza playlists for 2022. Whether you get to hit the island or not this summer, you can at least groove to some incredible beach house music and club anthems with these top Ibiza Spotify playlists.

Ibiza playlist 1 – Eden Ibiza

EDEN rules the show when it comes to the global electronic scene. Can’t hit the beach clubs this summer? Fret not! Our music magicians have scouted the tracks played at the greatest clubs in Ibiza to curate this best Ibiza playlist on Spotify. Featuring hits by Benjamin Barth, Junior Jack, Dennis Ferrer, A-Trak, and others, you cannot get enough of some incredible music with our exclusive curators’ playlist!

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The best Ibiza 2022 Spotify playlist featuring Eden Ibiza.

Ibiza playlist 2 – The Zoo Project

The Zoo Project is the best place where you can lose yourself in unforgettable tracks. This curated playlist by our experts is a blend of the right mixes from top artists including LFO, THNK, Apollonia, James Gill, and others. Get into the groove for the summer party with this crazy collection of wild party songs. Take a look at one of the best Spotify Ibiza playlist you will come across. 

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The best Ibiza 2022 Spotify playlist featuring The Zoo Project Ibiza.

Ibiza playlist 3 – Ibiza Rocks

Ibiza Rocks is an iconic poolside music destination at its heart that has been shaping the sound of Ibiza since 2008. This Ibiza playlist captures the energy of the moment and connects music connoisseurs with the best sounds and experiences that this magical island has to offer.

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The best Ibiza 2022 Spotify playlist featuring Ibiza Rocks, Ibiza.

Ibiza playlist 4 – Amnesia Ibiza

Music lovers and party peeps surely get to experience some crazy experiences in Ibiza. Amnesia Ibiza has become a haven for lovers of techno music. Our music magicians at have complied the best party music that gives off the best of Amnesia Ibiza has to offer.

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The best Ibiza 2022 Spotify playlist featuring Amnesia Ibiza.

Ibiza playlist 5 – DC-10 IBIZA

Want to have a unique party experience? DC 10 has earned a cult status thanks to its unique clubbing experience in Ibiza. Our DC-10 IBIZA Spotify playlist brings the best of party dance and festive music which the top best summer party destination has to offer. If you are craving some crazy club hits, then this Spotify playlist has everything to offer to you!  

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The best Ibiza 2022 Spotify playlist featuring DC-10 Ibiza.

Ibiza playlist 6 – Ushuaïa Ibiza Official

Experience life, music, and fun with the Ushuaïa Ibiza Spotify playlist curated by our music experts. Ushuaïa Ibiza is one of the most famous stages on the island. Feel the energy of Ushuaïa Ibiza with our playlist which features the likes of Eli & Fur, Mathame, Duran Duran, Andrea Olivia, and others. This Spotify playlist is one of the most iconic electronic dance music compilations you will come across!

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The best Ibiza 2022 Spotify playlist featuring Ushuaïa Ibiza.

Ibiza playlist 7 – Hï Ibiza

Craving some quality music and positive energy? Our Hï Ibiza Spotify playlist is a treat for hedonists, dreamers, clubbers, and party animals. Tap the list to feel the vibe and explore some incredible music from Angelos, 8-Bit Arcade, David Guetta, Tim Dexuse, and others to brighten your summer party experience.

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The best Ibiza 2022 Spotify playlist featuring Hï Ibiza.

Ibiza playlist 8 – Es Paradis Ibiza

Want to experience the spirit of dance and music with the vibe of Es Paradis Ibiza? Our curated playlist promises an unforgettable Ibiza summer party experience no matter where you are. Check out our Es Paradis Ibiza Spotify playlist which has popular scores from Mastero, Max Chapman, Felix Da Funk, and others on! 

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The best Ibiza 2022 Spotify playlist featuring Es Paradis Ibiza.