Our Top 4 Resident Advisor Festival Playlists for 2022 (Part 1)

Discover the best electronic music festivals playlists

Resident Advisor is the most trusted online music magazine that showcases the top music festivals, artists, electronic music and more. If you’ve been eagerly waiting for Resident Advisors’ Festival Lineup 2022, then your wait ends here. Our top music connoisseurs have curated the best Spotify playlists you can ever find featuring RA’s electronic music festival 2022 lineup.

Festival Playlist 1 – We Are FSTVL

Want to be a part of multi-award-winning dance music festival no matter where you go? Check out this Spotify music festival playlist curated by our experts which brings you the best of the leading names in electronic music scene like SH2 PROD, CamelPhat, Adam Beyer, Andy C and others. We at MusicMagic.io take electronic music celebration to the next level with this We Are FSTVL Spotify Playlist! Experience the vibe and music by scrolling through the top Spotify playlist we bring to your fingertips!      

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The best Resident Advisor Festival playlists featuring We Are FSTVL Festival

Festival Playlist 2 – Junction 2 Festival

Looking for some exclusive music from one of the most anticipated music festivals ever? Catch up with the top scores by some of the most sought-after personalities and rising stars in techno haven that has found a spot on Resident Advisor Festivals 2022 lineup. Our curated Junction 2 Spotify playlist has hit numbers of Pearson Sound, Benjamin Damage, Effy, Mall Grab and other top artists in the world of electronic music. Dance your night away with this exciting Spotify playlist by MusicMagic.io.     

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The best Resident Advisor Festival playlists featuring Junction 2 Festival

Festival Playlist 3 – Glitch Festival

Are you ready to experience a sonic adventure on the sun-drenched island of Malta? Our Glitch Festival Spotify Playlist celebrates electronic music unlike any other. This summer party is all about house and techno music and features over 65 artists for four days including Dax J, Placid One, DJ Chris Parker and other top names in the scene. It is no wonder why it found a place in the Resident Advisor’s 2022 Festival Line-up. Check out our expert curated playlist to be a part of the music festival at any time and from anywhere.

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The best Resident Advisor Festival playlists featuring Glitch Festival

Festival Playlist 4 – Audioriver Festival

Celebrate your summer with scores from top international festival featuring alternative music. The Audioriver Festival playlist focuses mainly on electronica. This three-day music festival celebrates the world’s best electronic music by hundreds of talented music artists. If you want to feel the vibe right now, then check out our top Spotify playlists featuring hit songs by Synth Groove, Sub Focus, VJS and others.  

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The best Resident Advisor Festival playlists featuring Audioriver Festival